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An Environmental Responsible Solution For Failed Windows

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Turn this fogged window into this clear window by removing the moisture and saving the glass. Savings of up to 70% over window replacement. We Service Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler and ALL surrounding Areas!

As insulated glass windows age, the insulating seal fails causing the formation of water vapor between the panes. At first, appearing as fog or water vapor droplets on the glass. If un-repaired, the water will continually reappear and dry until you have calcium buildup and an unsightly view.

We provide convenient, professional services that restore your view and save you money. Our proven process quickly removes moisture from failed thermal pane windows and sliding doors, plus the process permanently recovers your insulating R-Value.

1. Protect against further damage.
2. Restore the aesthetic beauty of your windows and doors.
3. Fix windows and doors without the disruption or environmental consequence of replacing glass.

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What Causes Window Seals to Fail – Solar Pumping

Window Restoration Phoenix sunDuring the day the suns heats the air between the panes of your windows and this exerts pressure on the seal. Subsequently, as the temperature drops, a negative pressure is exerted on the seal. This ‘Solar pumping’ serves to exploit or create the tiny breaches inside the unit which allows air into the chamber between the panes. As the air travels into the chamber day in and day out, it naturally brings moisture with it.

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