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We are a leading Phoenix glass repair & replacement company that has been serving the Southwest since 1999 with locations in Arizona and Colorado. For quick service on your glass repair or glass replacement project please call our office and one of our customer support representatives will help you understand the process, cost, and time of completing your repairs. We Service Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, and ALL surrounding Areas!

Window & Glass Pros has grown to be one of the southwest’s largest glass replacement companies by providing quality service for a fair price. We take pride in our work and would hard to answer every call by the third ring. If we are all on the line with another customer we will call you back within a few minutes.

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Ask a Professional

Don’t wait to get window repair in Phoenix. The deterioration will only continue to get worse, which will cost you more to fix. When making the choice to repair or replace, speak to a professional window installer. Discuss the age of your home and any problems you’re having with your heating and cooling costs. Let the installer provide a quote for both situations. Then you can make an informed decision about which is better for your needs.

Glass Repair Phoenix

There are a great many companies you can go to for Phoenix glass repair, and many of these companies handle a broad range of glass repair applications, including repairs for both residential and commercial applications. When you’re searching for a company to handle your Phoenix glass repair needs, check their websites to determine whether or not they deal in the kinds of repairs or sales you are interested in. The kinds of services and products which are generally offered in each of these categories are outlined below.

Home glass repair and sales

This category includes a very wide range of products and services, for instance glass doors and mirrors, glass tabletops and shelves, and insulated glass windows, like double-pane or triple-pane windows. In addition, many companies offer a service to customize any of these glass products for installation in your home. Another favorite custom glass installation is that of shower doors and tub enclosures, which tend to open up a bathroom and focus attention on the shower area.In the area of repairs, many companies offer emergency home glass repair and replacement, as well as replacement for windows that are old and cracked, or have become foggy and ineffective. To maintain building integrity after a window has been broken, temporary means can be used to seal the opening, and most companies will be glad to handle this for you.

Business glass repair and sales

Commercial glass products are available from some companies, and these companies sell storefront doors and huge see-through windows to encourage customer browsing and shopping. Businesses are also often interested in security film, which can be applied to glass windows to strengthen and hold it in place if shattered. Security film also acts as an insulator, and can at least achieve a modest energy savings. Repair service is available from many companies for emergency window breakage, which would be very important to a business owner.

Choosing the Right Glass Repair in Phoenix

Finding the right company for your glass repairs should be based on your needs, and when you need emergency glass repairs, it’s important to find a company who will do the job quickly and at an affordable rate. Glass repair can sometimes be as simple as replacing a window pane, but can also be extremely complex depending on the job. The company that handles a high-density glass might not handle replacing your home’s front window. And some jobs are big enough that you just can’t fix them yourself.Some repair companies specialize in a specific set of glass structures. Some work on high-strength glass and specialize in that specifically, and some work on all types of glass breakage. Knowing who are the most dependable glass repair companies is best established by word of mouth and so finding the best company to work with in the Phoenix area is usually pretty straightforward to determine. Besides checking reviews on the internet, if it’s a large job, take a moment to ask about their customers. Another consideration is that many businesses have variable hours– while some glass repair companies are available 24/7, some keep specific hours, so if you need glass repair in an emergency, you might find that your glass company is not always available when you need them.And that means that glass repair is, unfortunately, rather time-sensitive. If a front window is broken, the opening leaves potential for weather damage and worse. The same is true with a broken window. Besides being unsightly, the effects of the window being involuntarily open– particularly during a rainy season– can damage things in the home. Make sure to have access to a dependable company for glass repair in Phoenix– you never know when you’re going to need it.

COVID-19 and Essential Businesses

We want to provide clear communication to you about the status of Window & Glass Pros and our workforce as an “Essential Business.” We and our suppliers have been in communication with numerous state and local municipalities to ensure we are acting responsibly to best serve the communities we support. As an Essential Business, the services and work we perform are declared necessary to the operations and maintenance of essential infrastructure, as defined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security memorandum titled, “Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Response,” issued on March 19, 2020.

Our Essential Business designation releases our employees from shelter in place orders, so they can perform essential critical work related to finishing out the building envelope, which provide security for entryways and maintains appropriate environmental conditions inside buildings and homes.

If we come to your property we will be equipped with protective masks, gloves and sterilizing wipes for yours and our protection. The majority of our glass replacement work normally takes place outside the building and we will attempt to minimize the time we spend within your structure.


480-779-4444 in Phoenix