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Glass Table Tops PhoenixOur  glass cutting and production skills are available to solve all your glass  repair and glass replacement needs.We will work with you to combine a perfect  blend of style, functionality, and cost to achieve the beauty you  desire. Whether you’re seeking replacement glass to replace broken glass, or  planning a major room makeover, our glass shop has the products, knowledge, and  extensive installation expertise to accomplish the project on time and within  budget. We Service Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler and ALL surrounding Areas!  

Glass Table Tops Phoenix Area by W&G Pros

If you have furniture such as; dining room tables, desks, counter tops, patio  furniture, end tables, or bar tops to protect, our Pros can protect them with  glass. We can cut to any size or shape for your glass dining table, glass  coffee table or glass shelves. call Glass Table Tops Phoenix by W&G Pros Today

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image007The Flat Polish is the least expensive edge detail available today. The side  edge is flat with a small seam or bevel on the top & bottom edge of the  glass.


Timage005he Pencil Polish is especially popular on circles & ovals. The side edge  is rounded, which gives it a soft look.


image003The 1″ Bevel is the most versatile edge. A flat polish with a brilliant  bevel on the top edge of the glass, this edge can be formal, casual,  traditional or contemporary!


image009The Ogee Edge is a look for the ages. Ogee is defined as an “S” in  profile. This edge goes back to the Greeks & Romans and is gorgeous on  columns and wrought iron bases.



The Double Bevel is very costly, yet brilliant. A flat polish with 2 bevels  on the top edge of the glass, this edge is very dressy and adds prismatic  colors to any room.


image013The Triple OG gives your glass a waterfall look. A rolling look with 3 pencil  edges on the edge of the glass, this edge absolutely sparkles. For those that  want the rare jewel!

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