Window Repair in Scottsdale by W&G Pros

Knowing when to repair or replace your home’s windows isn’t always easy. You should obviously find a service that offers window repair in Scottsdale, AZ if you have a broken window pane, but that isn’t the only sign that you may need new windows. Here are some other signs to look for.

You Still Have Single-Pane Glass Windows

Homes that were built prior to the 1950s used single-pane glass for their windows. These were not energy-efficient, and would freeze open or shut and be ice-cold during the winter. This also left them prone to breakage when the weather got particularly cold. Bitterly cold winters are obviously not a big problem in Arizona, but old single-pane windows still won’t be good for your heating and air conditioning bills.

If you live in an older home that has its original windows, you should have them replaced. If you’re worried about your home losing its old-fashioned charm, there might be a company offering window repair in Scottsdale, AZ that will give you an energy-efficient solution that replicates the look of your home’s original windows.

It’s Too Noisy in Your Home

By being too noisy in your home, what we’re talking about is noise coming from the outside. Your windows should be able to block out traffic sounds from busy highways, the sound of planes flying overhead or loud parties in your neighborhood. They don’t have to be soundproof, but you should have some peace and quiet when you close your windows. If this isn’t the case, it might be time to find some replacement windows.

You Feel Drafts When Your Windows are Closed

Even if you no longer have single-pane glass windows, you might still feel drafts in your home. You might even notice that your windows are leaking moisture around the frames. This is a sign that your windows are old and worn out, and while you can stop drafts with weather stripping or caulk, it’s sometimes best to just replace your old windows. It’s a much more permanent solution, and it will help keep moisture and mold from getting into your home.

Window Repair in Scottsdale AZ